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Hot Wing Eating Contest

November 15, 2010

The fifteen contestants of the Hot Wing Eating Contest that took place on Thursday, November 4th waited eagerly for the signal to dig into their pile of spiciness. The award of $50 in Food Funds was waiting for the carnivore that could eat the most wings in five minutes. True Grit’s staff prepared to refill plates as they were emptied.

The air was tense, or maybe that was just the spicy aroma floating in and out of everyone’s lungs. With five minutes on the clock, Darryl Wolod (Director of Resident Dining), shouted, “Go!” and sauce started flying everywhere!

For some, the intensity drove them to rely on milk or water to help dilute the sauce.

As meatless bones started hitting the plates, one of the contestants seemed to be pulling ahead of the others.

Chris Krasias was his name. And with a determined look on his face, he kept calling for more wings from the staff. Right behind him was Ziang Lin.

Some thought he had outwinged Chris. The clock was still ticking and bones started to pile up on the plates. Who would be the victor?

Then the countdown started. The group of spectators counted along from ten down to zero. Time was up! And it was time to count the cleaned bones from the devastated trough of meat.

First, Ziang was counted. He managed to get 25 wings down in just five minutes!

Then, all eyes were on Chris. Everyone watched carefully as his bones were counted, “23, 24, 25, …” It was clear that he would surpass Ziang’s number. In the end, he finished off 29 wings! But it was all worth it. The free plate of wings and $50 to spend on food put a smile on Chris’s face as he accepted his award.

But there really were no losers in this contest; everyone got to enjoy some free wings!

Stay tuned for more eating contests from Chartwell’s in the future. There is talk of a watermelon or falafel event next semester!

Photos: Mark Tarkanick

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  1. September 2, 2011 4:46 pm

    It is very well idea. Thanks for sharing.


  1. Darryl wolod | Authenticitali

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