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Comfort Food Durring Finals: There’s No Place Like Pho

June 25, 2012

This week was the daunting FINALS WEEK, and during this timeI only study, shower, eat and occasionally if I find time, I will sleep. One of the most comforting dishes that I like to have during finals week is Pho(FA-AH), the national Vietnamese Rice Noodle Dish.

This is no ordinary soup, Pho has a lot of sustenance so youcan prepare for a long nights worth of studying without feeling hungry.

The Rice Noodles are submerged in hot beef or Chicken Brothwith accents of green onions and basil. Pho varies depending on the type andcut of meat you choose to put in it. Though, Pho is great on its own, it isusually served with a side of bean sprouts, basil leaves, mint leaves, limes,and jalapeños to add some more flavor in your dish as you wish. Hosin sauce, asweet and salty dark sauce and a red-hot sauce, Sriracha, always accompany atevery table at the restaurant.

I usually get the Chicken Pho, or the Pho Ga. I add in about3 basil Leaves, 4 jalapeños, a squeeze of a lime wedge, and a generous pinch ofbean sprouts. I add soy sauce, hosin sauce and I add quite a lot of Sriracha.However, if you are hesitant on spice I would add everything a little at a timeto ensure it doesn’t get too spicy.

Pho restaurants are common around the United States, howeverPho #1 on Route 40, is my favorite one to go to when I’m at UMBC. It offers awide variety of Pho, Rice and Pan Fried Noodles dishes.

Pho comes in either a small or large bowl option. A smallbowl is more than generous to fill your bellies to prevent any late-night studycravings; and for only $7.50 you defiantly get your “Pho’s” worth. Its excitingthat you get a chance to be creative with your food. You become the chef andeveryone ends up with a different dish to enjoy.

I haven’t come across any vegetarian pho dishes, howevermost Pho restaurants offer vegetarian dishes, such as tofu and mixed vegetableswith steamed rice offered at Pho #1 on Route 40.

If there’s one thing that I pair with my Pho-Ga, it’s a tallglass of Iced Thai tea. Popular in many Asian restaurants, this strongly brewediced tea provides enough caffeine to keep me awake through my hours of studyingfor finals. The condensed milk poured on top not only makes this drink looklike a beautiful gradient but it also gives each sip a sweetened kick.

Let Pho be your go-to study dish as well as a great meal foryour inner chef to enjoy.

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  1. Amy permalink
    September 12, 2012 8:11 pm

    There is a relatively new Pho place off Rolling Road and Rte. 40 next to H-Mart. Wonderful! I actually enjoy it better than Pho #1. :)

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