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Midnight Dessert-ed Island

May 10, 2012

This Friday (May 11th) at 11pm, come to True Grit’s Dining Hall for the annual Midnight Dessert. This event is always hosted on the last day of classes, the eve of Study Day, and this year’s theme is a dessert-ed island. Escape to a remote oasis of relaxation where stress is blown away by the refreshing breeze. Past menus have included various flavors of ice cream, cookies, and brownies, all paired with a plethora of toppings to choose from.

All residential students are invited to attend for free! Just bring your Residential ID card for admission into True Grit’s Dining Hall. The festivities will continue until 1am! Start your finals week right with this sweet celebration of the last day of classes. Sponsored by RSA.

Eat a Burger, Win a Prize

May 8, 2012

Most of the time you don’t receive a prize for eating a burger, because as most of us know, eating a burger is usually its own prize. However, this last Tuesday Chartwells had the wonderful idea of promoting their new veggie burgers by awarding you with a prize for trying one. While I know the idea of a veggie burger might be hard for some of you “red-blooded Americans” to swallow, pun intended, these are not your traditional veggie patties. When I think of a veggie burger I think of some terrible soy concoction with next to nothing appetizing in it trying to pose as the burger I know and love. With Chartwells’ new choices, this is not the case.

Choosing from two varieties, I took the one with guacamole over the other with two types of cheese on it, I bit into this burger expecting the worst but receiving the best. The patty was not overly processed and in my quarter of the burger I saw and tasted both green peppers and onions. This is not a veggie burger posing as a meat patty, but rather one that is not ashamed to show off how delicious veggies can be. Admittedly, those who are not enticed by vegetables in the first place will not be big fans, but if that’s the case you weren’t even going to try it anyway. While I was almost convinced that eating a free fourth of a burger was my prize, I afterwards spun a wheel and walked off with a free t-shirt as well.

Honestly, if the veggie burgers they serve at the grill are as good as those that I tasted today, then I will be making my first stop there in a long time very shortly. Hopefully they will be trying out new ideas like at other food establishments in The Commons; I’m looking at you, Famiglia’s.

National Pretzel Day

April 27, 2012

On Thursday, April 26th, True Grits will be serving the best pretzels on campus in honor of the prestigious Pretzel Day that snackers hold so dearly to their hearts.

This day started in 2003 when Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell wanted to “acknowledge the importance of the pretzel to the state’s history and economy.” Pennsylvania isn’t just known for its cheese steak. Pretzels have played a key role in developing the economy and providing a salty snack for people ever since they were first developed in 610 AD (According to The History of Science and Technology by Bryan Bunch and Alexander Hellemans). There is even a Pretzel Museum in Philadelphia!

What kind of pretzel do you like? There are hard pretzels, soft pretzels, cheese pretzels, sweet pretzels, twisted pretzels, pretzel sticks, pretzel M&M’s, and more! This very simple snack has been adapted and reinvented to suite a wide array of tastes and preferences.

Join True Grits during their lunch hours on April 26th for a delicious hot pretzel complete with toppings from the toppings bar! With all the possibilities, there’s bound to be a pretzel you can enjoy.

QuadMania 2012 Eating Guide

April 17, 2012

This year’s QuadMania is shaping up to be a great place to try some awesome food! With a ton of help from Stefanie Mavronis, I’ve put together the Official QuadMania 2012 Eating Guide for the Casual UMBC Foodie. Or as I like to call, the OQM2012EGFTCUMBCF. These vendors will be supplying the main source of sustenance throughout the day. Bring some cash for these guys.

Baltimore Polytechnical Institute Smoothie Booth

Come try a freshly blended smoothie made right in front of you with your choice of ingredients. This booth will be using funds collected at QuadMania to help put together the 10 year high school reunion for the 2003 graduation class. Your support would be greatly appreciated!

Carnivore BBQ

This BBQ truck features locally sourced and made-from-scratch food. They will be serving up pulled pork and beef brisket along with some homemade BBQ sauces.

Tweet @carnbbq

Dangerously Delicious Pies

While on the road with The Glenmont Popes, founder Rodney slung slices and hocked pies at his merchandise table, in shows’ parking lots, and traded pie for lodging so the band could tour, and thus, PIE AND ROCK AND ROLL was born! Each pie is handmade from scratch with no additives or preservatives. Dangerously Delicious offers a full line of sweet and savory pies.

Tweet @dangerouspies

 Grids Waffles

Hailing from Washington DC, Grids Waffles offers delicious savory and sweet wrapped waffles. Try the best-selling Nutella waffle (“Nitty Griddy”) or the delicious pizza waffle! Another tasty-sounding concoction is the Grids S’mores Waffle which features chocolate chips, marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, and whipped cream. You haven’t had your favorite breakfast entree like this yet!

Tweet @GridsWaffles


Top Dog Truck

This big orange truck uses high-end and locally sourced ingredients to transform the familiar hot dog into a Top Dog. Top Dog specializes in two types of dogs: The Sonoran, hailing from Tucson, Arizona, a bacon-wrapped all beef dog served on a buttery brioche bun with great toppings; The Boss, a Hungarian debreziner sausage – a caraway seed, red pepper, pork artisan sausage – served on a brioche bun; and finally some love to the vegetarians – the Not Dog.

Tweet @topdogtruck

Be sure to try all of these options at QuadMania on Saturday, April 21st on the Quad from 12noon – 10pm. I’d like to give a huge shout out to Stefanie Mavronis for co-writing this post!

A COOL Dessert

April 4, 2012

This winter has felt a LOT like spring, so I am going to share with you my favorite COOL dessert.

And yes, it involves Cool Whip (or yogurt)

With this desert, you can pretty much add anything that you want. What I mixed in:

• Dried fruits ( papaya and banana)

• Mixed nuts (almonds and walnuts)

• Fruits (strawberries and blueberries)

• A  splash of a fruity drink ( orange or pineapple)

• Crushed Graham Crackers

Chill for 15 minutes before serving.

UMBC Iron Chef

March 26, 2012

On Saturday, March 3rd, UMBC’s first ever Iron Chef competition took place in the Commons kitchen. Four teams, each composed of four UMBC students and a Chartwells chef, took to the cutting boards to prepare an appetizer, entree, and a dessert. A plethora of ingredients were available from the pantry in addition to the secret ingredients that had to be included in each dish. The secret ingredients were dates, goat cheese, duck, leeks, red potatoes, lentils, pineapple, coconut milk, ginger, and every team had to use oatmeal.

Team Funnest Friends consisted of Kyle Matty, Taylor Gaines, David Eastman, and Jon Stefkovich.

Team Pi Kapp was Dylan Cook, Chad Yan, Nathan Rehr, and Shane McNeil.

Team Lambda Chi was made up of Alan Ghandi, Andres Camacho, Mike Calos, and Ian Jones.

Team Chemistry was composed of Shail Thakker, Yiannis Balanos, Bethanie Liu, Andrew Dillon.

The competition was taped and will be edited for a showing on Saturday, March 10th, in the Sports Zone at 6pm where the winning dishes will be announced. Chartwells will feature these winning recipes in True Grits for dinner so that the student body can enjoy the victors’ creations.

Full descriptions of the teams and a poll where you can vote on which team you think will win can be found here.

Easy Breakfast: Strawberry Filled Pancake Muffins

March 16, 2012

I really wanted to make pancake cupcakes, but I am going to be honest, they taste more like muffins.

But, they are the perfect breakfast, with entirely too much syrup.

Strawberry Filled Pancake Muffins (One cup of mix makes 10 cupcakes)

1.) Follow directions for making regular pancake mix

2.) Add baking powder (1/2 tbs)

3.) Pour mix into cupcake liner

4.) Coat strawberries in sugar and place on top of each cupcake

5.) Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.



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